Nicopure Labs eVo e-liquid Caramel Coconut

Nicopure Labs eVo e-liquid Caramel Coconut

Nicopure Lab's eVo e-liquid Caramel Coconut is a great dessert vape...


This e-liquid was sent in to E-LiquidGeek for us to test sample and review. For that, thanks (again) Nicopure!

I should get this out of the way now that, up until pretty much last week, I had “heard” of eVo e-liquid’s but only because Alt-Smoke and a few other vendors happened to carry their products. I had never tried them at all. On top of that, I personally had never tried anything with caramel in it, and I’ve never been a huge fan of coconut flavoring. I do have Coconut in my DIY flavorings stash though. You never know what recipe might call for it, and if you want to make a tropical flavor, it’s just the right subtle flavor to add. Anyway, that being said, I was a bit skeptical to this flavor and wasn’t quite sure I’d like it. I was wrong.



I ultimately decided to try this in an atomizer first. I used a LR 1.5 ohm 510 atomizer at 3.7 volts. I used 3.7v just because I didn’t want to go high voltage with it when not everyone has variable voltage mods, and even myself, I don’t always use variable voltage so I wanted the test to be somewhat consistent. On first hit, I definitely get the caramel on the inhale. On exhale, it’s a clean, coconut flavor with subtle exhale of caramel as well. Now, this is where I think this e-liquid was very unique. Stepping back for a second, there was this after taste of something familiar. It tasted as if I had just eaten a girl scout Samoa cookie! Now granted, Nicopure’s Facebook page does advertise this juice with a picture of that cookie; however, did I expect it to overall remind me of that? Not really… but it DID! For that, nail on the head in flavor!
Something else that I was surprised and taken back by was the amount of vapor. Now, people can argue all they want about it depends on the atomizer, and your wattage, etc,etc. Whatever! For only having just 4 drops in my atomizer, it boasted quite a bit of vapor output compared to some other juices I had sampled from other vendors using the same setup that hour. It also had good throat hit which is important to me.


I Googled pricing for the e-liquid in 30ml bottle’s, since that is what I had in front of me. I will say, price wise, a little bit higher than what I’m used to paying, but it’s definitely in the realm of what I usually see a lot of of bigger vendors like Vapor Cast (NicQuid), Pink Spot, and others. You are looking at about 20 bucks give or take a few depending on sales. That puts 10ml’s at about 6-7 dollars, well within what I would expect.

Also, this is a dropper bottle, my first ever. I’ve noticed a lot of companies starting to do this, I find it weird, but it’s growing on me. It made filling a tank difficult (yes, I ended up putting 6ml’s in a VCDC carto tank). Dripping was a bit tricky at first, because it naturally wants to start dripping as soon as its out of the bottle, but I’ve got that covered now. Just makes it hard to “drip and drive” so to speak.


Overall, a great e-liquid flavor and I can say that I will not only probably order more, but it’s definitely got that something that shows Nicopure knows what they are doing when it comes to E-Liquid. Care to check them out for yourselves? Don’t just take our word on it but go to:


*We are in no way endorsed by Nicopure Labs and the samples we were given were given under Nicopure’s very generous behalf. 

The Verdict


The Good: Flavor is spot on
Clouds of glorious vapor
Good throat hit

The Bad: Dropper bottle was weird at first
Price is a bit high to me


  1. Domenica July 5, 2013 2:25 pm  Reply

    Purchased a 10ml bottle on vaca at a flea market. I love it! It is just as you described. Sadly I cannot find a seller on line. Any info you could send me, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and I enjoy your site.

    • airforcegeek July 18, 2013 10:07 am  Reply sells eVo e-liquid. Make sure to read reviews before you buy! Glad you enjoy the site! AFG has been in the process of moving so site/reviews are slow/ at a halt for right now. Should be starting back up very soon! We did not review all the juices that eVo sent us because some of them, were purely terrible. The mango flavor and berry blast flavor they sent us tasted like dish soap (we’ve found many reviews confirming a similar thought)! Keep watching, as we have a few more virgin vapor reviews to do and a few new ones we haven’t had on the site before that we are excited to be doing! Thanks!

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